Become a giffgaff Expert


Welcome to Experts, a series of quizzes that help members to learn how to help; it'll teach you a variety of things from the history of giffgaff to how to help set up a BlackBerry in a thunderstorm with only a pair of chopsticks. 


What's in it for me?

What's in it for you you say? Primarily you will earn a sense of enormous well being. Imagine yourself feeding sparrows, it will set you up for a full day of satisfaction. 

The quizzes should also help you pick up tips and advice on how to be a better help which will help you earn more payback. It's a win-win for everyone. Nice.


The Tiers

Once you've passed the intro quiz there are three tiers of quizzes. Experienced Helper quizzes, Dedicated Helper and Hardcore Helper. Set your sights on the next tier work your way towards becoming the ultimate helper.

As an Experienced Helper you know all the core information about giffgaff. You have got the gist and know a lot about the most common problems.

Dedicated Helpers have specialised knowledge and know how to troubleshoot specific problems. You are the knowledge and aren't shy about it.

Our Hardcore Helpers are (almost) literally wizards. You have seen it all and have all the answers; like a fairy god mother you wave your wand and make it all better.